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Free space for your event 

Our main building offers 20 modern conference rooms and 32 group spaces hosting up to 200 participants. All rooms provide daylight with shading options, as well as modern conferencing equipment and furnishing. The spacious building concept with 2 levels enables you to plan your event on independent grounds when needed and guarantees lots of free space to enjoy - both inside and outdoor.

House 6

Size: 85 sq.m. | Height: 3,00 m
Flooring: Carpet
Number of seats: Cinema: 60 | U-Form: 30 | Parliament: 40

Room fee:
150,00 Euro


Small group space (total 27)

Size: 20 sq.m. | Height: 3,00 m
Flooring: Carpet
Number of seats: Cinema: 10 | Block: 10 | U-Form: 08

Room fee:
50,00 Euro


You can expect the following standard equipment in every meeting space:

Projector, screen, moderator's box, flipchart with 10 sheets, pin board with 1 sheet of paper. Beside that, we can supply any conference room equipment that you may need for your event.

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