Movement sets your body and soul free and in the fresh air even better. Whoever spends their time looking at grey walls day in and day out is not particularly inspired. New places produce new impressions and with them, new ideas. 


Instead of group work in a group room, this is moved to outside where participants go on a stroll or light walk through the forest. While walking, participants talk with those walking with them. During the walk, there is the possibility to swap partners by sometimes walking at the front, in the middle or at the end of the group. If the body is moving, thoughts are also more often on the move and a lively exchange of ideas takes place.

Ideal group size: max 10 people (per walk) 
Duration of walk: 30-60 minutes 
Materials: Trainers


  • Promotes creativity
  • Refreshes the body and mind
  • Development of new perspectives and approaches


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