Modern event formats

Events with a modern and dynamic twist.

Below you will find a choice of event formats that are currently in high demand with our customers. Our MICE team is there to advise. We can also appoint a consultant that will assist you to start with the format of your choice. 


Fishbowl is a simple but dynamic alternative to a podium discussion. Fishbowl makes an event more lively and spontaneous. 



During a world café, small groups of people sitting around small tables have conversations with each other in a casual, trust-fostering environment, similar to one in a coffee house.



A BarCamp describes an open meeting with open workshops where the content and procedure is determined by the participants at the beginning of the meeting and is shaped as the event continues. 



Design thinking is a creative and collaborative problem-solving method from a user’s perspective. The aim is to find solutions which are convincing from the point of view of the user. 



Movement sets your body and soul free and in the fresh air even better. Whoever spends their time looking at grey walls day in and day out is not particularly inspired. New places produce new impressions and with them, new ideas. 

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