During a world café, small groups of people sitting around small tables have conversations with each other in a casual, trust-fostering environment, similar to one in a coffee house.


At the beginning, the participants group together and the moderator explains the world café method. At each table, a specific topic or aspect of a topic is discussed. The topics are usually formulated as a question or provocative statement.
All participants choose a table and the discussion begins. The participants write any important arguments and realisations from the discussion on the table cover. After a specified time (e.g. 30 minutes), the moderator gives the signal to change and the participants have to move on.
They then choose a new table apart from one host for each table. This person is responsible to pass on the results of the last small group discussion to the new people. In this way, it comes to an intensive exchange of information and experience which weave a tighter and tighter net of ideas and realisations. After all tables have been visited or after a certain amount of time has passed, all participants come together again and the results are presented.

Ideal group size: 20-30 people, more than 30 people
Duration: 2 hours
Materials: Several tables, table covers that can be written on, a bell or gong


  • Promotes active, attentive listening
  • More new perspectives arise
  • Various points of views come about and innovative possibilities for action open up


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